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Helicopter Transportation Services from the Leader in Safety

Bristow has grown with the oil and gas industry, earning a reputation for safely transporting people and material to and from the rigs in conditions that can be quite inhospitable. The first civil helicopter transport company to work in the oil and gas industry, Bristow has provided exceptional transportation, production management and related services for more than 50 years. Today Bristow provides helicopter services from facilities around the world, transporting drilling and production crews offshore safely and efficiently. Our global presence and experience, together with our extensive, modern fleet of aircraft, provide operational and geographic flexibility that is unmatched in the helicopter industry.

In addition to providing helicopter transport services for energy companies and others, Bristow is a leader in search and rescue (SAR) services. Specially outfitted SAR helicopters operated by highly trained Bristow pilots have rescued more than 7,000 people in the U.K. alone. SAR helicopter service is currently provided in the Netherlands, Norway, Trinidad, Australia, Russia, Brazil and Canada.

Bristow provides fixed wing services through its business unit in Nigeria, and through its affiliates Líder Aviação in Brazil, Eastern Airways in the U.K., and Airnorth in Australia.

The company operates Bristow Academy, which is the world’s largest commercial helicopter training service provider. Through the extensive training programs of years’ duration, Bristow ensures its pilots receive the training they need for the specific environments in which they will fly.

Our goal is to provide the safest and most reliable service to clients around the world, and our industry-leading safety program, Target Zero, has created a culture of safety that resulted in Bristow achieving the industry’s best safety record. In 2011, Bristow Group was awarded the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) Safety in Seas Award, recognizing its outstanding contribution to the safety of life offshore for energy workers through its Target Zero program of training and safety tracking. The following year, the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) awarded its Presidential Citation to Bristow Group’s Target Zero program. This award recognizes organizations that have exhibited “outstanding service on behalf of safety, whether it be valor, professionalism or service above and beyond normal expectations,” according to FSF.

Bristow Group believes it has the best employees in the world who strive daily for operational excellence in everything they do. Bristow has flown all over the world in every extreme of climate and terrain, and has enormous expertise that can be brought to bear to any operation. A company with a rich heritage, Bristow Group is working hard to earn the confidence of its customers every day so it can enjoy an even brighter future.

For more information on Bristow, visit Who We Are.