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Purchasing Terms and Conditions

All parts and services to be supplied in accordance with Bristow Group’s terms and conditions, unless specifically agreed to supply under seller's terms and conditions. Please direct your inquiries to your Bristow purchasing contact.

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

Suppliers are not permitted to issue press releases through external media outlets, publish announcements in company publications or post information on their websites regarding their engagement with Bristow Group without Bristow's prior written consent. Please work through your Bristow purchasing contact to obtain approval from Bristow Group.

Code of Business Integrity

As part of Bristow’s compliance culture, we have adopted a Code of Business Integrity. This code sets out the principles and behavior we must all follow to build and maintain an ethical culture and workplace throughout the organization.

We must demonstrate integrity in all our business conduct, including dealings with fellow employees, clients, intermediaries, suppliers, governments, financial record keeping and treatment of company property.

Our business integrity policy is a guideline to

  • Promote honest, safe and ethical conduct
  • Maintain a workplace in which the safety, integrity and dignity of each individual is valued 
  • Assure compliance with laws, rules and regulations 
  • Assure the proper use of the company’s assets

The Bristow Code of Business Integrity (COBI)