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Bristow UAS Delivers Innovative Solutions in the UK

Bristow’s unwavering commitment to develop innovative transportation solutions continues with the launch of Bristow UAS. Formed in 2016, Bristow UAS provides unmanned aircraft solutions and services that ensure client’s meet their business obligations.

Bristow UAS holds current commercial UAV operating licences and operational safety cases (OSC’s) in the UK with further expansion available at client request. Bristow UAS has to date delivered UAV services and solutions predominantly within the UK with overseas deployments to Singapore, Nigeria and offshore UK OCS. Bristow is well placed as a respected, global aviation provider to secure overseas UAS operating permissions in response to client requirements. In 2019, Bristow signed an agreement to serve as a launch partner for Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL), the largest international industry-funded cooperative focused on responding to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur. Bristow was selected as a launch partner based on its relevant in-country experience, technical capabilities and geographical reach.


Bristow UAS combines cutting-edge unmanned aircraft capability and ground breaking UAS operating permissions to deliver solutions to meet our client’s specific requirements. Bristow UAS holds strong regulatory relationships and has secured complex operational safety cases to facilitate the Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operation of light, tactically deployed UAV systems up to 150kg and the extended visual line of site (EVLOS) operation of small, unmanned aircraft systems. Bristow UAS is well equipped through experienced personnel to provide UAS operation, consultancy and elevated risk project management. Bristow UAS is at the forefront of manned/unmanned teaming (MUM-T) development in the UK.

Congested/Hostile Landing Site Assessment and Survey

Bristow UAS has designed and built a next generation assessment tool to ascertain compliance of helicopter landing sites in accordance with CAA regulations (CAP 1264). Utilizing small UAS systems to gather survey data, Bristow’s post processed solution allows pilots and site risk managers to accurately assess, visualise, and mitigate the impact of obstruction within designated aircraft approach corridors at each site. Under constant development, this service is growing to include insertion of the landing site modelling into our aircraft simulators.

Emergency UAS Response

Bristow UAS is proud to be founding partners and key architects of OSRL’s latest service, offering rapid, emergency deployment of UAS to support incident commanders in the event of unplanned hydrocarbon release. This global service also includes the option of secure, live export of UAS video to command centres.


Bristow UAS’ experienced team of professionals has a wealth of knowledge in both manned and unmanned aviation gleaned from over 20 years of previous military and civilian aviation experience including medium altitude, long endurance (MALE) platform operation. Should you require consultancy on UAS service delivery, UAS regulation or training, Bristow UAS is here to help.

Should you wish to enquire about any of our unmanned services, or would like to discuss a bespoke solution to a particular requirement, please contact

Global Services Available Through Sky-Futures

Bristow offers a global UAV inspection service to the oil and gas industry through its affiliate, Sky-Futures. For questions about asset integrity inspection services, please visit the Sky-Futures website at