Bristow pilots fly all female IFR Gulf of Mexico flight

Bristow Pilots Erica Green and Esti Zubizarreta flew their first ever all female IFR-crewed flight in the Gulf of Mexico on January 6, 2020. For this mission, they flew a Sikorsky S-76C++ for a client out of the Galliano, Louisiana base to transport passengers to an offshore platform.

Captain Green began her career with Bristow in 2006, and First Officer Zubizarreta began her Bristow career in 2019.

"In such a male-dominated field, I am proud to helpmake history and pave the way for the women of future generations," said Green"I have been breaking the stereotypes of what women should do or are expected to do throughout my career, so this is an exciting next step.”

“My journey began in the military – another male-dominated work environment – where I did my job every day, as best as I could, knowing that skill, competence and leadership would help me gain the respect of everyone, including naysayers. This flight is a milestone for my career and one I won't forget anytime soon," the captain said.