No Flight, Mission or Aircraft Too Complicated

Bristow offers unparalleled service to any other global vertical lift provider including transportation solutions, search and rescue (SAR), government services, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopter maintenance, modification or repair, and sales. We serve customers and other stakeholder around the world by providing safe and reliable aviation solutions for the offshore energy and other industries as well as government and civil organizations.

By embracing progress and innovation, Bristow uses the latest in vertical lift technology, coupled with an industry-leading safety culture to be the global leader in delivering the service customers demand and offering tailored expertise to meet any helicopter needs. Customers choose Bristow because our worldwide vertical lift solutions provide a critical service that no other mode of transport can provide, making people’s lives safer and more productive. Bristow operates a fleet of approximately 218 of the industry’s most modern aircraft with the latest generation of technology and safety features. As the world’s largest operator of S-92, AW189 and AW139 model helicopters, our complementary model types create a desirable fleet mix, providing more efficient solutions for customers.

Offshore Energy Services

Offshore Energy Services

As energy companies explore deeper waters and develop in remote locations, we will be there, supporting them in safe, reliable ways. We are globally recognized as a premier energy helicopter operator capable of executing the most complex missions, onshore or offshore.

We also offer fixed-wing with rotary-wing flight connectivity and the newest generation in aircraft, facilities and technology to transport personnel to offshore production platforms and drilling rigs, including transportation of company officials or other key personnel, with special security precautions, if required.

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Search and Rescue

Since 1971, Bristow has provided search and rescue (SAR) services to Governments and the Energy industry. To date, Bristow has conducted more than 30,000 SAR missions, during which more than 19,000 people have been rescued or assisted by our crews worldwide. SAR operations require specific expertise and our trained pilots, technical crew, paramedics, engineers, and ground crew conduct SAR operations safely and reliably.

SAR services are provided to oil and gas onshore and offshore operations in many countries, including being the only commercial provider in Suriname, as well as the largest oil and gas SAR provider in Canada through our partnership with Cougar Helicopters. Bristow’s Commercial SAR footprint also includes Norway, Trinidad, and the United States. We also operate SAR for the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Dutch Caribbean.

We operate a modern fleet of AW139, AW189 and S-92 specially equipped SAR aircraft. Whether helping people in distress or immediate danger in connection with an injury, illness, or other catastrophes, we deliver unparalleled capabilities.

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Government Services

Bristow is a leader in providing search and rescue helicopter service to the United Kingdom on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), an executive agency of the Department for Transport. We also provide search and rescue helicopter capacity to the Netherlands Coastguard and in the Dutch Caribbean.

Our military support includes delivering combined search and rescue (SAR) and support helicopter services to the UK Ministry of Defence in the Falkland Islands. In a separate contract, Bristow also delivers Fleet Operational Sea Training helicopter support to the Royal Navy. 

Bristow Defence Industries (BDI), a subsidiary of Bristow Helicopters Australia, provides logistics, aircraft life support and fuel service support to ten CH-47F(SG) Chinook aircraft operated by the Republic of Singapore Air Force in Oakey, Queensland, Australia.

Bristow provide helicopters and related services to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), a division of the U.S. Department of the Interior, including the provision of flight crews, helicopter maintenance and management of flight operations to BSEE and the U.S. Coast Guard. BSEE utilizes Bristow’s services to transport personnel and cargo in support of its inspection and oversight of offshore oil and gas platforms and vessels located on the Outer Continental Shelf in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

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Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft Leasing

Partnering with us means using our diverse fleet, global experience and crew members to execute the safest and most reliable and efficient missions. We can deliver leasing solutions virtually anywhere in the world.

Dry leasing solutions are custom-tailored for any mission offering:

  • Tip-to-tail maintenance support
  • Pilot and AMT training
  • Technical and reliability support
  • Flexible financial solutions

If you are interested in learning more about our aircraft leasing, please contact us at

Advanced Air Mobility


Bristow’s vision is to lead the world in innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions. That is why we are working to introduce advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft into our fleet in the coming years.

We see AAM as a natural extension of Bristow’s core competencies, a key component of the future of aviation, and a powerful opportunity to accelerate sustainability within our industry.

The potential is phenomenal. AAM promises to move people and cargo quickly, safely, and quietly at a remarkably reduced cost and low carbon footprint.

Fleet Support

We provide specialized technical support services to the helicopter transportation industry including: 

  • AW139 tailboom repair and jig work
  • AW139 upper deck replacements
  • AW139 heavy airframe checks and paint (4-year)
  • AW189 heavy airframe checks and paint (4-year)
  • A119/A109E heavy airframe checks and paint (3200 hr.)
  • Honeywell EPIC avionics upgrades (AW139)
  • Pratt & Whitney fuel nozzle inspections (PT6T-67C, PW206B2, PW206C, PT6T-3B, PT6-3DF)
  • Fatigue Technology (FTI) Cold Expanded bushings replacement and related 4th axis machining (AW139, AW189)
  • Starter generator overhauls and repairs

We also maintain the following OEM authorizations:

  • Leonardo Authorized Service Center (A109E, AW119MKII/A119, AW139, AW189)

Maintenance & Modifications

Bristow Technical Services Ltd, part of the Bristow Group, provides technical support services, maintenance, and modifications to the global helicopter industry. Its services can help reduce costs and increase reliability through component maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO), design, manufacture, installation, test, and certification.

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For more than 60 years, we have been a global leader in training for pilots and engineers, as well as offering apprenticeships. As a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved maintenance training organization and a world leader in the installation and use of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), we train leaders in aviation.

Training at Bristow


Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Our Unmanned Aerial Solutions (UAS) utilizes unmanned aerial vehicles and related sensory technologies for multiple applications such as inspections, surveys, mapping, and imagery to service numerous industries. These solutions provide significant benefits over traditionally delivered services, including increased safety and enhanced efficiencies through reduced manpower needs.

Bristow is also flying two Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100 systems, following a rigorous, three-month test program for support of its search and rescue contract with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for the UK government. The UAV technology has advanced to the stage where its deployment significantly enhances the capability of air search and rescue operations, improving the reach of the service and reducing risk for the public and crews.


Our diverse fleet and trained pilots support a vast array of utility services.

  • Approved by both federal and state aviation departments, we specialize in forest fire suppression and prevention.
  • We support timber surveying of state and national forest lands and provide air support services for fish and wildlife surveys.
  • We have extensive mountain flying experience and are experts at landing in remote sites.
  • The search for minerals has taken us into some of the most rugged and remote areas around the world.
  • Our services play a vital role in supporting hydroelectric dam and power line construction, concrete pouring, pole setting, university studies, geological surveys, transportation and assembly of heavy equipment, and maintenance of mountaintop communication systems.