Advanced Air Mobility

Elevated for the Future

Bristow’s vision is to lead the world in innovative and sustainable vertical flight solutions. That is why we are working to introduce advanced air mobility (AAM) aircraft into our fleet in the coming years.

We see AAM as a natural extension of Bristow’s core competencies, a key component of the future of aviation, and a powerful opportunity to accelerate sustainability within our industry.

The potential is phenomenal. AAM promises to move people and cargo quickly, safely, and quietly at a remarkably reduced cost and low carbon footprint.

Bristow recognizes the benefits of a varied fleet, and therefore, we intend to diversify our operations and service offerings by utilizing multiple AAM aircraft to build robust network capabilities and support various end markets.

Hear from David Stepanek, executive vice president of sales and chief transformation officer at Bristow, on the future of AAM.

What is Advanced Air Mobility?

Advanced Air Mobility or “AAM” envisages a new and expanded aviation system, brought about by quieter, more accessible and increasingly sustainable aviation solutions.

AAM is an umbrella term that incorporates specific market profiles including Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Regional Air Mobility (RAM), and various uncrewed aviation systems.

Among other new generation aircraft, eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) and eSTOL (electric short takeoff and landing) vehicles are primarily powered by hybrid and/or fully electric propulsion systems. 

Bristow’s (R)evolutionary Approach

We are a global leader in vertical flight. We understand that AAM’s emerging technology is revolutionary, but safety in operating aircraft is evolutionary.

There are lessons learned in aviation that can only be learned through operational experience. At Bristow, we have that experience.

For more than seven decades, we have delivered safe, efficient and reliable aviation solutions. And we will bring Bristow’s proven Target Zero safety culture to the development and operationalization of new AAM aircraft.

AAM provides an opportunity for Bristow to continue our legacy as the global leader in vertical flight, but with a lower environmental impact, lower costs, and increased accessibility.

Bristow’s commitment to leadership in this space extends to providing critical operational expertise to our industry partners and stakeholders, including government officials and global regulatory bodies. We also participate in the eVTOL Safety Leadership Group established by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the Texas Urban Air Mobility Advisory Committee.

Bristow has announced collaborations with multiple leading AAM manufacturers to provide, critical safety, operational, certification, and logistics expertise to guide the launch of these new solutions.

Bristow’s Strategic Partners

BETA Technologies, Inc.

BETA is developing the ALIA, an eVTOL that will have a maximum range of 250 nautical miles and is designed to carry 1,400 lbs of payload or six people including a pilot. See news release for additional details. is developing a hybrid-electric short take-off and landing (eSTOL) aircraft capable of operating from runways as small as 300x100 feet using a proprietary proven blown lift technology. See news release for additional details.

Elroy Air

Elroy Air is developing the Chaparral, an uncrewed eVTOL that will carry 300-500 lbs. of cargo over a 300-mile range. Goods are loaded into an underslung pod that latches to the fuselage and can autonomously be picked up and dropped off in a 50-foot landing square. See news release for additional details.

Eve Air Mobility

Eve (NYSE: EVEX) is developing a fully electric UAM eVTOL, along with a comprehensive suite of services to support global UAM development. See news release for additional details.


Lilium (NASDAQ: LILM) is developing the Lilium Jet, a piloted 6-seater, designed for regional transportation. Bristow and Lilium will collaborate on the development of a maintenance program to support the operation of the Lilium Jet. See news release for additional details.


Overair is developing Butterfly, a piloted, electric, low noise eVTOL aircraft, designed to carry five passengers with cargo up to 100+ miles in all-weather conditions. See news release for additional details.

Vertical Aerospace

Vertical is developing the VA-X4, a piloted, electric, eVTOL UAM aircraft. See news release for additional details.