Light Twins

Airbus EC135P2+e

The Airbus EC135P2+e provides an outstanding work environment. The interior seating can be easily configured for either four or six passengers. The EC135P2+e aerodynamic fuselage, constructed from the latest composite technologies, contributes to this helicopter’s excellent speed and range. Its unique bearingless main rotor and innovative low-noise Fenestron tail rotor system offers outstanding maneuverability as well as an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride. “Phase modulation” by unequal blade spacing makes Fenestron sound “pleasant.” The “e” model is an upgrade to the P2+ that adds 88 lb of payload capacity.

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Leonardo A109e Power

The Leonardo A109E Power is a twin-engine, high-speed, high-productivity helicopter well-suited for the demanding offshore mission.  Configured for seven passengers, the A109E Power is the fastest helicopter in its class and is single-pilot IFR certified. The A109E Power’s reliability is assured by a fully separated fuel system supplying its twin engines, plus a dual hydraulic boost system, dual electrical system and redundant lubrication and cooling systems for the main transmission and engines. An air oil absorber for each wheeled type landing gear leg increases the crashworthiness and shipdeck operational capabilities.

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