Líder Aviação Obtains Federal Aviation Administration Certification

Líder Aviação obtained a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification on April 12, 2017, which will enable the company to perform maintenance on U.S.-registered aircraft operating in the oil and gas segment.

With this certification, Líder Aviação – which was already certified by the FAA in the São Paulo and Belo Horizonte bases – will also be able to service U.S. aircraft at the Macaé base, where a large part of the offshore helicopter fleet is based. The certification will also help in the helicopter redelivery process to the U.S. and other countries that have a bilateral agreement with the FAA.

According to the Líder Aviação Chief Operating Officer Júnia Hermont, this certificate not only adds more credibility to the company's services, but it also expands the portfolio of solutions offered to customers. "From now on, we will also be servicing American helicopters serving the oil and gas industry," said Júnia. "Furthermore, we will be able inspect Brazilian aircraft being exported to the U.S. The expectation, therefore, is that this new accreditation brings new business opportunities."

"This is an exciting development because it gives Líder an opportunity to find new customers, including repair and overhaul for components, which can be sent to U.S. and other countries that recognize FAA Repair Station," said Bristow Americas Regional Director Samantha Willenbacher.

Líder Aviação is an unconsolidated affiliate of Bristow Group operating in Brazil.