Líder Aviação Receives a Petrobras Award for Performance in Air Safety Aviation

Bristow partner Líder Aviação received the Petrobras Excellence Award in Air Transport Operations (Peotram) 2016 on January 27, 2017, in recognition of its performance last year. The announcement was made at an event at the Petrobras Senate Building in Rio de Janeiro, which brought together more than 100 aviation professionals.

"This assessment confirms the quality and safety of our work in providing transport services to the oil and gas industry. The result of the award shows that our focus on operational excellence yields concrete results," said Líder Aviação Superintendent Júnia Hermont.

The Peotram program establishes strict safety management standards for Petrobras' air and maritime transport companies, and annually evaluates the companies in the sector. The main objective is to foster development of the Brazilian aviation market of the oil and gas industry and promote improvement in its operational performance through periodic checks of safety, environment and health management.