Heartfelt Message from Amber Roddick, Rescued by Bristow Exmouth Search and Rescue

Bristow received a hearfelt note from Amber Roddick commending the courage, kindness and skill of Bristow’s search and rescue (SAR) crew at Exmouth during her rescue from the deck of a cruise ship 110 nautical miles off the coast of Western Australia.

January 4, 2017

Hi Bristow

My name is Amber Roddick and I was the young girl that your beautiful and courageous men, saved from the cruise ship just off of Exmouth.

I wanted to say thank you so much for rescuing me and my mum in such a short and scary time. When the doctor on the ship said I would be rescued by a helicopter I could not have been any more frightened then I was in that moment. The morning came and I was pushed out in a wheelchair onto the 7th deck and was shaking. Even though I was on pretty strong drugs, I was still so scared that I couldn't even cry about it! I saw the plane and helicopter and looked to mum for reassurance; however she seemed to be just as scared as I.

As soon as Jody came through that door, knelt down and said "Hey! My name is Jody and you're going to be okay!" I felt relief, I stopped shaking. Jody's smile lit up the whole room and gave me reassurance and happiness. He said that I'll go first in the helicopter and my mum would come up second. He sat me down on the deck and said "Everything's going to be okay Amber, let's do this!" He put the straps around my arms and legs and I felt safer with him in those 5 minutes than I did with anybody else ever. When we were going up into the helicopter he held me close to him and covered my eyes when I looked scared. I could not be more thankful, grateful and appreciative of what a wonderful job the whole crew was doing for me. When I went up into the helicopter, there was Daniel with a big smile saying hello. Mum came up next and everything was safe and we left the ship. Dan spoke to us with love and kindness, just as Jody did throughout the ride. Even though we couldn't hear what they were saying, Dan wrote on a piece of paper where we were, how long it would take to get to Exmouth, and asked how I was feeling all the way through the trip with each other. When we reached Exmouth he made jokes (still being extremely professional) to make us laugh, showed us Ningaloo Reef and showed kindness through his smile.

Just before we got off of the helicopter, Jody gave me his badge from his uniform saying "To remember your first helicopter flight!" written on his hand. I felt so privileged to have been saved by such a wonderful team. When we landed and got off, we met the pilots and they were just as lovely as Jody and Dan were.

We took a photo for memories, and I headed off into the ambulance and then to Exmouth Hospital. While I was there all I could think about was the team that saved me, showed me their love, kindness, courageousness and humoured sides. I could not believe what had just happened. The doctors gave me morphine and just as it was happening the Pilot walked in. It was so lovely to see him and to check up on me, especially when he didn't have to. He also gave us 2 lovely Bristow caps and I wear it every chance I get!

Dan and Jody still message me, wondering how I am and to see if I'm any better. They give me facts about their jobs and how they are also, and still show me love - even being far away from them.

I am forever grateful for what your beautiful men and team did for me. I am thankful that Bristow has employed such professional and kind men, and will definitely always be a fan of the team and Bristow. I'll be the coolest kid in school next month!

Thank you so much Bristow. I send my love to all of you.

Amber Roddick