Bristow Introduces Self Check-in at Sola, Norway

Bristow introduced self-check-in for passengers at Sola, Norway, on October 19, 2015, improving service for customers. The self-check-in system works similar to the system at airports around the world.

The new self-service allows passengers to check in via computer, cell phone or tablet. Upon arrival at the airport, customers use their reference number to activate the booking using a kiosk. The bag and passenger weight are registered and bag tags and boarding cards are issued at the kiosk. After check-in, the passengers bring their bags to the bag drop area, which is also where the security check is performed.

This new capability offers passengers an efficient and convenient way to check in. Passengers no longer have to stand in line to check in. They may also check in more than an hour in advance if they arrive at the terminal early, without having to wait for the check-in to open. Floor walkers are on hand to help familiarize customers with the new way of checking in at the helicopter terminal.

"Since its introduction, the self-check-in has exceeded all expectations," said Bristow Norway Area Manager Arne Martin Gillberg. "Our goal was to have 90 percent of the passengers using the new system within three months, and we reached 86 percent after the first week. This is very promising!"

Utilization numbers continue to climb, with 93 percent of passengers currently using the new self-check-in service at Sola. The company is also rolling out the new system at Stavanger.