Thinking ‘Outside the Icebox’

Passengers at the Bristow facility in Stavanger could see from the terminal the obstacle to a timely departure – an icy and snow-clogged path from the terminal to the aircraft. Isn’t winter great?

Bristow recognized that the pathway presented a safety hazard. So it had to think fast to come up with a solution to keep flying while making sure passenger safety was not compromised. A quick suggestion led to a unique solution: ice spikes!

The next challenge: “How quickly can you get 100 pairs of ice spikes to a heliport?” Pretty quickly, when you have a team of dedicated employees calling every local store.

Now the inbound passengers were able to attach the spikes to their shoes when disembarking the aircraft. One by one, they safely made it across the icy path. Outbound passengers did the reverse - putting on the spikes in the terminal for a safe walk to their departing flight.

The novel idea shows the premium Bristow places on customer service and how we will spare no expense to maintain full operations at the highest level of safety. With winter just around the corner, we’re ready to think “outside the icebox” again.