Harvey Breaux Celebrates 30 Years with Bristow

Harvey Beraux celebrates his 30 years with Bistrow

Harvey Breaux joined Air Logistics as a Purchasing Supervisor in 1991. Within a couple of years, he also assumed responsibilities for repair and warranty work and staff.

Craig Wilson gave Harvey his first opportunity with Bristow. “Craig supported me through my career,” said Breaux. “I will always be thankful to him for that and for his mentorship.”

Breaux recalls his early years with the company as growth years. “We purchased several smaller companies during these early years,” he said. “It always took a bit of time to bring the assets into the fold and for the personnel to become accustomed to our way of doing business, but we worked through it all, always delivering exceptional service.”

Through the years, Breaux has held many titles, including deputy supply chain manager, supply chain manager and purchasing team leader. He has also traveled to several U.S. OEMs and enjoyed his visits to Scotland.

He remembers his visit to Nigeria as making a significant event in his Bristow career. “My trip to Nigeria has had the most impact on my life,” said Breaux. “I loved learning about the culture, and I was inspired by Nigerians’ relentlessly positive attitude. No matter the challenges they encountered, they overcame them all with a smile on their face and a spirit of gratitude.”

“One of my favorite memories with the company took place at Rolls Royce in Indianapolis,” recalls Breaux. “I’m not a race fan, but the Indy speedway and its museum were spectacular.”

Thirty years later, it’s the relationships and team accomplishments that Breaux values most. “Bristow has been home for 30 years,” said Breaux. “The relationships I’ve built with colleagues around the globe will be something I will always hold dear. In my early days, Supply Chain was responsible for facilities maintenance. I look around and remember the parking lots poured, the roofs being patched, and the buildings being constructed – I’m proud to have been a part of all this!”

“I’m proud of many accomplishments in my years with the company, but the one that gives me the most pride was surviving 2002, when Bristow went live with IFS software, purchase Pan Africa Nigeria and we built a new supply chain building in New Iberia,” he said. “The IFS implementation was one of the first global interactions between legacy Air Logistics and Bristow that helped to transform the company into one global company.

“Before IFS, the two companies operated multiple software programs independent of one another,” Breaux said. “With employees from both hemispheres working long hours and traveling to each other’s locations, the employees were able to become very acquainted with each other.

“Integrating Pan Africa into the consolidated Bristow was challenging due to the logistics in and out of Nigeria,” remembers Breaux. “Once those problems were smoothed out, the shops in New Iberia (Louisiana) became the primary support for the Nigerian operation.

The new Supply Chain building was a much-needed expansion for New Iberia, as the old space was too small and outdated. “The new building allowed the company to spread out the receiving and shipping areas for better handling,” recalls Breaux. “In addition, new parts cabinets were purchased, which helped with storage and appearance.”

Breaux fondly remembers charity events at his location and treasures them as some of his funniest memories. “A few people may recall a breast cancer awareness event when my high heel blew out right outside the hangar,” he said. “I also made a huge impression when I won the dance contest with my robot dance moves! And who could forget the stick horse race for United Way!"

Harvey has this advice for anyone just joining the company: “When things get hectic, stop. Breathe in and breathe out. Get through the day and the next day your perspective will change.”

These days, Breaux is a part sales coordinator based in New Iberia.

“I like my current position because it allows me to rely on my experience to market parts,” said Breaux. “It is a bit different being on the other side of the negotiation.”

If he’s not working, chances are he is playing pickleball. “I stared playing Pickleball about three years ago and I am hooked. I play every day if I can.”

Anyone who knows Breaux knows he and his wife have triplets and an older daughter. “I would like everyone to know my triplets are now 28 years old. There, now you feel as old as I do!”

Harvey Breaux and his family: Pictured with his wife, two sons, and two daughters