Bristow’s Rafael Torres Brings His Passion for Aviation to Work Every Day

Bristow Brazil Maintenance Inspector Rafael Torres has a passion for aviation that has pushed him to progress his career and advance to where he is today.

What does it mean to be passionate about your work?

It's waking up every day happy, motivated and knowing that you will be spending your time at work doing what you love. I love complex problem solving and I get to do this every day at work as I keep aircraft flying safely. I feel like a valuable member of the team when I’m able to find creative solutions to complex problems for our aircraft.

Why are you so passionate about your work?

In addition to the personal satisfaction of solving intricate problems involving the aircraft's systems, flying a helicopter is very enjoyable. I also take great pride in providing for my family with my work.

It's hard to describe the incredible feeling of pride I get when I see an aircraft flying when I know I play a key role in getting it in the air! I vividly remember one case in particular, when I worked on an aircraft for its four-year inspection. This process involves completely disassembling the aircraft. I began the process with all the parts carefully laid out. I worked diligently for 15 days, carefully completing each task and ensuring quality in each step as I put the aircraft back together. When I returned from my 15 days off, and I saw the aircraft take flight carrying passengers safely to their destination, I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride. To say my job is rewarding is an understatement! 

Why is it important for Bristow employees to work with passion?

Dedicated professionals love what they do and doing what you love every day motivates you to dig into the challenges and difficulties of work. Passion also lays a critical foundation for commitment to each task, your role, the company and your stakeholders. 

How has working with passion paid off for you?

At the beginning of my career, I worked two jobs to support my family. I was an intern at an engine shop during the day and I did luggage handling at an international airport at night. When I was working these long hours, I only saw my son when he was sleeping at night, which was difficult. Supporting my family motivated me and my passion for aviation inspired me to study and dedicate myself to pursuing a career which led me to my current position. It took years of hard work and dedication. Every year that passed, I was recognized and promoted. Today, I feel fulfilled in my profession, I do what I love and still get paid for it, there is no way not to fall in love with this profession. And I am so happy that I’m in a place where I have a career in aviation and can support my family while also having time to spend with them. I would say everything paid off!