Bristow Proud: Liz Louviere Infuses Her Work with Passion

Lix Louviere

New Iberia (Louisiana) Operations Management Support Liz Louviere’s passion has guided her in her career as she moved up the ranks in Bristow.

What do you do in your current role? What does a typical day look like for you?

My current role is Operations Management Support, and I work with a phenomenal team of Flight Operations under the direction of Regional Director of Operations Jason Glynn. I support my team in areas from Operations Control Center, Gulf of Mexico, Search and Rescue (SAR), and International Operations in Guyana. My typical day is never monotonous – that’s for sure! I’ve worked in Operations for 20 years and I’ve learned to be ready for anything – stay focused, stay prepared, and stay on top of the game!

Being on this team is different, and I love that I get to support lots of people. Supporting SAR is never boring! There’s always something interesting going on!

What in your background prepared you for your current role?

When I started working in Operations, my manager, Alycia Boudreaux, was my role model. Her vast knowledge in so many areas and customer service were first-class. I wanted to grow with the company and aspired to be like her – someone people could count on to make the right choices and get the job done. Providing the best customer service has always been my goal, and I learned this from Alycia.

I started with data entry with Air Logistics in October of 2000. I helped launch INTOPS, which was our first scheduling system. I later helped launch eFlight, which is our current scheduling system. After finished with the launch of INTOPS, Alycia offered me a job in Scheduling. She gave me my grounding with schedule. She taught me the importance of staying compliant with all the rules we must follow – from the Bristow, FAA and unions. She also taught me that being accountable for your actions because one thing done wrong can lead to another. I asked a lot of questions and learned a lot from Alycia. I worked hard and moved up to supervisor, then manager, now I’m in another role since the merger.

What do you consider some of your greatest personal and business accomplishment over the years?

Scheduling has always been a passion of mine, and supporting our international operations in Guyana has always kept me especially busy with the unique challenges it brings. Making all the pieces fit in a puzzle that has so many obstacles has always given me joy – I love the challenge! I remember when we first started. I had to learn so many rules - not just with company, but with the country of Guyana. There were work permits, landing letters, limit to in-country days, pilot qualifications, client requirements and much more – it was a lot to juggle! Supporting Guyana involves a lot of advanced scheduling. We are scheduling months, even quarters in advance to get the job done. And adding the pandemic with quarantines related to the pandemic makes it even trickier. I am extremely proud of the quality service we provide for Guyana!

I often think back of the day I first started in Operations and wanted to learn and be someone who people could count on. I wanted to learn and grow with the company, just like Alycia. Eighteen years later, when she retired, I was offered her position with Bristow. It was the highlight of my career and proof to me that I have lived up to the goals I aspired to at the beginning of my career. Now, I have new goals, and I’m ready to take on those challenges.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given throughout your career?

I have collected several gems throughout my career that I keep in my pocket. Learn to become a leader. It is not always going to be a rose garden. Learn to be confident. Know the rules that apply to your role and do the work to stay compliant. Our Core Values will get you through to the top.

If you weren’t in your current position, what would you be doing? What is your dream job and why?

I have always loved reports, analyzation, and spreadsheets! I love a good spreadsheet and I’m always happy to whip one up! If I didn’t pursue my current career path, I would love to be in Payroll.

What does it mean to be Passionate about your work?

Being passionate about my work is what drives me to succeed. It’s loving what I do and always wanting to do better. My passion drives me every day and helps me get creative to solve problems and remained focused on doing the right thing.

Why are you Passionate about your work?

I love my job. I am a very forward thinker, and my job allows me to leverage that skill. I’m obsessed with coming up with ways to make our work easier and more efficient. I get enormous satisfaction from making a positive impact and adding value. 

I have the best colleagues, so I’m also passionate about providing stellar service to support them.

How has working with passion paid off for you?

I believe passion helped me get to where I am today. I have people that believe in me and it doesn’t get better than that. When you are passionate about your job, it puts your whole work ethic at another level. You are dependable, reliable and trustworthy. I believe integrity can be learned but passion cannot be learned in my book. I was so happy to see passion added to our Core Values – it’s so important to me and it’s good to see Bristow recognize its importance. Throughout my 20 years with the company, passion has always been my driving force to learn and always strive for better.

Who inspires you (professional or personal)?

Our Director of Operations Jason Glynn is a huge inspiration to me. His professionalism and motivation are beyond first-class. He is a truly a genuine person that cares about his people and their families. I am proud to be on his team!

Alycia inspired me at the beginning of my career as I was laying my foundation; Jason inspires me later in my career as I focus on fine-tuning my skills.

Favorite meal?

I love boiled crawfish or boiled crabs – it’s always been a toss-up which one I like better! I guess it depends on the season. I’m sure many people in Louisiana feel the same.