Bristow Brazil team moves into bigger, better hangar

Bristow’s Brazil team recently moved its Rio de Janeiro operations from a small hangar in the back of Jacarepaguá Airport to a much larger, updated hangar in a prominent position of the airport.

The new hangar can accommodate more aircraft and heavy maintenance activities.

“We are incredibly proud of our new space and the quality of service it allows us to provide,” said Brazil Area Manager Fernando Quental. “We are looking forward to continuing to provide the safe, reliable and efficient service that Bristow is known for, and this new hangar will help us deliver on our commitments in Brazil.”

This move makes it possible for the Rio team to provide more flights for multiple customers, serving longer term contracts.

“We are thrilled that this move supports our operations and expands our services to better serve our customers,” said Flight Operation Coordinator Nelson Pinheiro. “Being able to deliver on longer term contracts and handle multiple customers is a game changer for our team, and we are excited to raise the bar on our services.”

As part of the move, the Rio team worked with one of its customers to tailor the new hangar to fit specific needs, including an outside staircase for the customer’s passengers that increases safety and efficiency for everyone at the base.

“It is amazing to see the final result of the hangar remodeling,” said a representative of one of Bristow Brazil’s customers. “Bristow Brazil prepared everything on a tight schedule to ensure our employees will have a much more comfortable experience. We appreciated being included in the process, throughout the planning and implementation of the design of the new hangar, so the end result is centered on our needs.”

The move also increases collaboration for the Rio team. Previously support administrative staff worked in an office 20 minutes away. The new hangar has offices upstairs and allows all Rio employees to work together in one building.