Norway Breast Cancer Survivors Share Their Story, Encourage Everyone to Stay Vigilant

Bristow Norway breast cancer survivors shown from left to right are Hilde Seglem, Anne-Elin Brügger Hope, Inger Garvik, Sissel Sola and Heidi Wulff Heimark in front of an S-92.

Norway Breast Cancer Survivors Share Their Story, Encourage Everyone to Stay Vigilant

A courageous team of women on the Bristow Norway team are sharing their story to inspire their colleagues to stay vigilant to prevent and fight breast cancer. These women fought breast cancer and won! They want to help increase breast cancer awareness globally and make sure everyone has a fighting chance when it comes to breast cancer.

  • Anne-Elin Brügger Hope has been with Bristow for 22 years and was diagnosed in 2011.
  • Hilde Seglem has been with Bristow 26 years and was diagnosed in 2014.
  • Inger Garvik has been with Bristow 11 years and was diagnosed late 2019
  • Sissel Sola has been with Bristow 20 years and was diagnosed early 2020.
  • Heidi Wulff Heimark has been with Bristow 27 years and was diagnosed late 2020.

Anne and Hilde discovered the lump by self-check. Inger, Sissel and Heidi received their diagnosis as part of their mammography examination.

“Checking yourself – both by self-examination and with a regular mammogram – is so critical,” said Anne-Elin Brügger Hope. “We have all learned this from experience. This sounds simple, but it can be the difference between life and death. We cannot stress the importance of checking and prevention enough! The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the prognosis and gentler the treatment can be.”

“When I received my cancer diagnosis, I was of course astonished,” said Hilde Seglem. “I am thankful to the medical team and my loved ones who gave me the support I needed during this time, and I am happy to report a healthy prognosis.”

Regular self-exams are recommended, and Anne and Hilde credit their self-exams for saving their lives. Learn how to perform a self-exam as recommended by your local health resources.

“We are immensely grateful to be well and healthy again, and our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are affected and fighting the battle,” said Heidi Wulff Heimark.