The Women Who Make Bristow Soar: Angel Egbuna Leads Development, Implementation of Bristow's Financial Systems

Angel Egbuna

The women of Bristow IT play a critical role in keeping Bristow's technology operating seamlessly to support the business. This year's International Day of the Girl interview series features IT Manager of Financial Systems and Contract to Cash Angel Egbuna, who works in the Houston office. 

Talk about your role at Bristow and what are you currently working on? 

As the IT Manager for Financial Systems, my role is to lead the development, implementation and administration of Bristow's financial systems, specifically SAP and its ecosystems. I am responsible for providing day-to-day systems support to our Finance business community and implementing new projects and project enhancements. Currently, my team is working on several projects to improve system efficiency and productivity. We are implementing the Contract-to-Cash billing system for Nigeria, replacing INTOPS presently used in the region, and deploying Concur, Bristow's global expense reporting system to the UK and Nigeria.

What is a recent success you're particularly proud of?

I am especially proud of several successes that took place since the beginning of 2020 because it was a particularly difficult time in my personal life due to my dad’s passing and the unknowns of the pandemic. Following the Bristow and Era merger, I was part of the team that successfully integrated the combined companies' finance systems into SAP, specifically in General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Contract To Cash and Treasury Services. This project was quite tasking and challenging. We came together and molded as one team, primarily members from two companies meeting for the first time. Due to the remote work situation resulting from the pandemic, we collaborated and worked via online meetings to seamlessly integrate the financial systems for the newly combined company.

Another project happening concurrently with the finance system integration was Bristow's SAP Integration with JP Morgan Bank. We collaborated with multiple teams at the bank simultaneously, all online alongside our Bristow Treasury team, which was undergoing restructuring at that time.

I am very proud of our Business Process Owner (BPO) community because our IT projects have had tremendous success with their constant dedication and support.

What inspired you to pursue a career in technology?

I come from a family with a deep background in Law and Human Arts. After my junior secondary education, I had a strong interest in science. Recognizing my passion, my brother and uncle encouraged me to follow my passion and pursue the sciences, deviating from the family path. When I started college, I decided to study Computer Science, which led to my career.

What in your background prepared you for this assignment?

My education laid the strong foundation in preparing me for my current position, as well as my 13 years of experience in various IT technical and functional roles. As an SAP functional consultant, I've had the opportunity to work closely on accounting and sales business processes, translating business needs to technical requirements in various industries across banking, manufacturing and aviation. Armed with my knowledge and experience, I can lead my team in meeting the technical needs of our business users.

How do you face challenges in your career?

I take every new task or responsibility of my job as a challenge and then give my best to develop the right solution to each situation. Being open and ready to learn is one of the best ways I transform my challenges into growth opportunities.

What is unique about your journey to your current role?

I started my journey with Bristow in Nigeria during the initial SAP rollout as a subject matter expert working with the Finance Commercial team. The exciting opportunity to join the IT team here in Houston came right after I married and moved from Nigeria to Houston to join my spouse, who coincidentally resided here.

What motivates you in your role / career?

The gratification of providing solutions to obstacles is my greatest motivator. I absolutely love working as part of a team. I enjoy discussing ways to move forward with teammates and respectfully engaging others to ensure we proceed in the right direction. Additionally, I take pride in the work that we do as a team, and it is humbling whenever I see other teams are using a solution we deployed.

Who inspires you (work, personal and / or historical)?

In my professional career, former Bristow IT Manager Satya Karri was a big inspiration while I worked with him. With his extensive knowledge and determination to get things done and done well, he was a fantastic source of inspiration for me. 

My mother, together with my sons and spouse, are my greatest inspiration. As a teacher, my mom worked hard to combine her job and side businesses supporting the family to ensure we had the best we could afford. Despite any challenges in her life, she always found the solution for every difficult situation. I admire my mother's enthusiasm for life and her ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions. As a mother now, I recognize her strengths and am grateful for her incredible sacrifices for my siblings and me.

My three sons have been the most wonderful gifts I have ever received and blessed by the love they've inspired in me. Above all, having a supportive spouse makes all the difference in creating a balance between career and family. I am grateful to have a husband who has enriched my life and made it more fulfilling than it would have been otherwise.

What advice do you have for women just beginning their careers?

My advice is to be open and ready to recognize growth chances when they arise, as these are the most important learning opportunities. You will know when faced with these decisions because they will make you feel uneasy, and your first reaction might be that you are not ready to take the next step. But keep in mind that comfort and growth never go together.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Having three sons, all under 6-years old, we enjoy various activities depending on the season. Top on our list is soccer, bike riding with dad and karate for my oldest two sons. We were ecstatic when they advanced their rank to receive their white/orange karate belt two weeks ago!

I don't know how to ride a bike, and my kids don't understand why not. They have tried to teach me, but imagine being taught anything by six and four-year-olds; the classes never end well. Despite them giving up on teaching me, we have shared many laughs!

My two-year-old baby loves doing anything with his mommy, especially reading his favorite book, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom." 

As a Certified Financial Education instructor, I am passionate about personal finances and financial independence. When my sons are asleep, I spend a few hours daily writing articles to share online about budgeting, saving, debt management, investing, and educating and encouraging my family and friends to join me on my journey to financial freedom.