Bryan Stott Celebrates 40 Years with Bristow

Bryan Stott

“I joined Bristow in 1981 when the oil industry was booming – it was the perfect time to begin a successful career within the industry,” said Aberdeen Ramp Team Leader Bryan Stott.

Stott began his career at Bristow as a baggage and freight loader. He supported 40 – 60 flights per day. “We were a team of young guys. We were all happy to work for Bristow – we worked hard and socialized together.”

Stott moved through the ranks at Bristow through his 40 years with the company. He’s held positions of loader, freight shed supervisor, traffic officer, logistics coordinator, logistics supervisor, terminal manager, and – his current role – ramp team leader.

He helped build the Oil Industry Vantage computer system with other helicopter operator supervisors and oil company reps. The system links all the different systems oil companies and helicopter operators use to increase efficiency and collaboration.

“I’ve enjoyed mentoring younger coworkers who are keen to build their skills and progress in their career through the years,” said Stott. “I’m always happy to help young members of staff learning the job and the moving on in the company.”

For 10 years, he ran the terminal daily. He managed 35 staff members – creating rosters, coordinating holiday schedules and running the traffic / logistical operation for 30 – 40 flights per day.

“Bristow is a great company to work for,” said Stott. “It’s always been the safest and the best helicopter company in the North Sea.”

Stott recalls his first boss at Bristow, Mike Reid, as the man who pushed him to grow within the company. “Mike encouraged me to better myself and overcome new challenges within the Company.”

Captain Dave Miller, Captain Dave Smith, Willie Toner, John Cloggie and Captain Tim Rolfe were also influential in his Bristow career.

Stott has this advice for anyone just starting their career: “There is a lot to learn. It all takes time and effort to take it all in. Never give up – anything is possible with dedication and hard work.”

In his 40 years with Bristow, he considers his greatest career achievement as an award he received from Texaco while working in logistics. The award recognized Stott ‘s work in supporting the transport of an injured oil platform worker to receive lifesaving hospital treatment.

Stott is always very involved with his team. He was on the Bristow social committee for many years, helping to organize company barbecues, children Christmas parties where he dressed up as Santa Claus and staff Christmas parties. He is also regularly involved in fundraising and charity events to support organizations in making positive impacts in the community.

When Stott isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his partner Carole, his son and daughter-in-law, and his grandchildren Ariyah, Preston and Callie. He also likes to meet with friends to watch football, horse racing and American football. If he’s not watching spots, Bryan is in the kitchen baking or cooking, or packing his bag for his next adventure because he also enjoys traveling to new places. Good food, socializing, movies and TV round out Bryan’s interests outside of work.

Bryan Stott and Spouse