Spotlight on the Women of Bristow: Nátally Ramos

In honor of Women's History Month, Bristow is shining a spotlight on the women who make Bristow soar. This interview features Logistics Analyst Nátally Ramos from our Brazil operations.

Nátally Ramos

Talk about your role at Bristow and what are you currently working on?

I am currently part of the Supply Chain team, working in the Logistics sector with the import and customs clearance of aircraft parts and pieces. It is an exciting job, and we stay very busy. We have new demands every day, and we work continuously on optimizing our time and improving the quality of our processes.

What is a recent success you're particularly proud of?

I recently completed five years with Bristow, and I’m surprised by how quickly time passed. I'm so proud to be part of this team! I also participated in the project to obtain the Operator Economic Authorized (OEA) certification, which places Bristow in a select group of partner companies of the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil. With the OEA certification, we gain efficiency and agility in the customs clearance of our cargo. This was a great achievement for the Company, and I am proud to have participated in this project.

Who inspires you (work, personal and / or historical)?

My coworkers inspire me daily. They are faced with many challenges, and they always overcome them with perseverance and grace. I am privileged to be surrounded by many fantastic women who I learn from every day. I come from a family of strong and determined women, and I am proud to carry on their legacy.

What advice do you have for women just beginning their career?

The most important pieces of advice I can give are to trust yourself, dedicate yourself to what you believe in, empower yourself and know how to impose yourself when necessary. It is also critical to always seek to develop yourself personally and professionally.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love being with my family and we like to go to the beach to play with the kids, have lunch together on Sundays, have barbecues at home. We have a house in the country, and we love to travel there with our friends and spend time together.