Era Training Center Announces FAA Certification of Its AW139 Flight Simulation Training Device

LAKE CHARLES, LA--(Marketwire - Dec 15, 2011) - Era Training Center (ETC) is pleased to announce that its first AW139 flight simulation training device (FSTD) has been FAA-certified as a Level 6 FSTD. This certification will allow helicopter operators to conduct AW139 training in ETC's device under CFR Part 61 or train in the FSTD with their own instructors.

ETC's AW139 FSTD has the latest flight software for the AW139 flight management system (FMS) and replicates the aircraft in every detail. A high-fidelity simulation of the helicopter's flight characteristics and a high-performance electric control loading system, providing high fidelity control forces, gives pilots a realistic "flying" experience. To add to the reality, the FSTDs have a high-fidelity simulation of the avionics and helicopter systems (engine, fuel, etc.) based on true aircraft data and a digital sound system for both instructor/crew communication providing realistic aircraft and equipment aural cues.

The FSTD's visual system provides high-resolution imagery with a 200 x 70 degree field of view presented on a spherical screen using TruVision™ Global, featuring worldwide coverage. The base map includes over 10,000 runways, coastlines, and other geographic features, allowing line-oriented flight training (LOFT) that is unparalleled.

The FSTD has an Instructor Operating System (IOS) located behind the crew seats that allows the instructor to monitor crew training and control simulation. Control functionality includes scenario and sortie definition, malfunction injection and parameter freeze via a highly flexible and user-friendly workstation designed to optimize instructor workload.

Together with the addition of the AW139 FSTD ETC has expanded its Lake Charles, Louisiana facility by over 30%, with two new simulator bays (one for a future device), briefing/debriefing rooms and additional office and classroom space.

The AW139 is one of the leading medium-size helicopters in the civil market, with more than 300 currently operating worldwide and more than 200 additional AW139s currently on order.

Marc Schechter, General Manager of Era Training Center, said, "We are excited that we now have the second AW139 FSTD in North America to receive FAA certification. With the resounding popularity of this type of aircraft, the demand for AW139 training has been surging."

AgustaWestland, as prime contractor, partnered with Frasca International, Inc. (Frasca) to support the development and production of the FSTDs, with work carried out at Frasca's facilities in the U.S. and at AgustaWestland's facilities in Sesto Calende, Italy. Frasca built the two FSTDs currently offered for training programs by ETC.

About Era Training Center
Era Training Center (ETC), a joint venture between Era Group Inc. and Frasca International, and provides sophisticated, multidisciplinary helicopter flight training through innovative programs and state-of-the-art Flight Simulator Training Devices (FSTDs). ETC holds a CFR Part 142 Certificate, designating it as an FAA-approved training center, and also is certified by ANAC, the aviation authority of Brazil. ETC's existing Lake Charles, Louisiana facility features two FAA-approved Level 6 FSTDs, the EC135 P2+ and the AS350B2, designed by Frasca International to provide exact cockpit replication for both single-pilot and dual-pilot IFR configuration.

ETC offers diverse training programs that are provided to a wide array of helicopter personnel, including corporate, oil and gas, EMS, ENG, law enforcement, government and military users.

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