Era Training Center LLC Announces First FAA Aproved CFR Part 60 Level 6 Flight Training Device

Era Training Center LLC (Era Training Center) announced today that it has obtained CFR part 60 Level 6 qualification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its EC135 CPDS P2+ Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD). The EC135 FSTD, built by Frasca International, Inc. (Frasca), offers an exact cockpit replication, duplicating both the single pilot and dual pilot Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) configuration.

“This is the first CFR part 60 Helicopter FSTD qualified to date,” stated Paul White, General Manager of Era Training Center. “This demonstrates Era’s commitment to advancements in providing the highest quality helicopter training services for industry-wide safety and excellence.”

Frasca performed all aspects of the project including flight testing, model development and certification. Era Training Center provided the helicopter for flight testing as well as aircraft, pilots and subject matter expertise.

"Frasca is an industry leader in flight simulation and has been able to obtain qualification for several flight training devices over the years," said John Frasca, Vice President of Frasca. "Our success in the helicopter market is in part due to our ability to collect our own simulator data packages. Airframe manufactures are frequently not able or willing to offer simulation data packages. As a result, Frasca has invested and developed its own flight test capability. This allows us to offer turn key simulation solutions at a very competitive price."

Located at Lake Charles Regional Airport, Era Training Center offers a diverse array of training programs for corporate aircraft operators, medical flight services, airborne law-enforcement personnel and other rotorcraft professionals.

At the heart of the 7,694 square-foot facility are two new state-of-the-art helicopter flight-training devices, cutting-edge classrooms, custom briefing areas and administrative offices. Era Training Center is committed to service and safety excellence in every aspect of its operations. To learn more about Era Training Center, visit

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