Era Training Center LLC Announces FAA Certification of CFR Part 142 Training Center

Era Training Center LLC (Era Training Center) announced today that it has obtained a CFR part 142 Certificate designating it as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved Training Center. The first FAA approved curriculum under the new certificate is the EC 135 Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Rotorcraft Helicopter.

Era Training Center recently announced the qualification of two advanced Level 6 Flight Simulator Training Devices (FSTD): the AS350 B2 and EC135 CPDS P2+. This CFR part 142 Certificate will allow the Center to issue pilot certificates upon successful completion of ground academics, flight training in the applicable FSTD and aircraft evaluation.

“This is the final element along with the FSTDs to facilitate our goal to provide the highest quality training services,” said Paul White, General Manager of Era Training Center. “Throughout 2009 we plan on adding several additional courses to the certificate to diversify our training offerings.”

Located at Lake Charles Regional Airport, Era Training Center offers a diverse array of training programs for corporate aircraft operators, medical flight services, airborne law-enforcement personnel and other rotorcraft professionals. To learn more about Era Training Center, visit

For additional information, contact Melanie Landry, Communications Coordinator, at (337) 478-6131 or visit