Training Leaders to Take Flight

Bristow is a leader in helicopter flight training and engineering, offering the best training facilities in the world to help enhance flight knowledge. With more than six decades of helicopter experience, we train the best engineers and pilots with the most state-of-the-art technology and training, including being a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part-147 and Part-145 approved maintenance training organization.

Simulator and Training Facilities

Bristow Helicopters’ simulation hall in Dyce, Aberdeen is the only facility of its kind in the U.K. With an international reach, located near Aberdeen International Airport, Bristow’s state of the art simulator purpose-built center has full-size helicopter simulators which use advanced motion-compensation technology, combined with realistic visuals to replicate the experience of flying Leonardo AW189, Sikorsky S-92 and S-76 aircraft. Housing three flight simulators, six classrooms and specialist instructors, the theoretical and practical training facility is a vital resource for Bristow’s oil and gas, and Search and Rescue pilots; however, it is not only available to the company’s teams – the hall is available for use by third parties.

Please contact Denise Allan,, if you are interested in using our facilities.


Part-147 Type Training

We hold EASA Part-147 approval to train technicians on the following aircraft types with course lengths varying from 6 to 7 weeks. Most courses we deliver are combined B1 & B2 ratings.

Aircraft Type (Engine Type) Approvals
Sikorsky S-92A (GE CT7-8) B1 & B2

Bristow offers practical training for the S-92A. As a result of our agreement with Leonardo, we can only offer type course training to our internal team on the AW139 and AW189. If you have questions about our training, please contact

UK CAA Part-145 Training

Maintenance Resource Management (MRM)

This two-day course provides EASA Part 145 Human Factors training to meet the requirements of ICAO, EASA and the U.K. CAA.

Continuation Training with Human Factors Refresher

This course provides the training to meet the requirements for our own support staff of EASA Part-145.


We are a world leader in the installation and use of Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), developing the first system, IHUMS, in the early 1990s. Additional systems were developed and fitted to aircraft since its first launch.

We can train pilots, engineers and other personnel on various HUMS as fitted to various aircraft types. The following table gives additional details

HUMS Aircraft Type
M’ARMS (Airbus Helicopters) EC155, EC225
SGBA (Sikorsky) S-92A

Ab Initio/Apprenticeships

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