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Bristow Search and Rescue: Netherlands Operations

We provide a dedicated 24/7 all-weather search and rescue service across the Netherlands using Search and Rescue configured helicopters based at the Den Helder and Midden Zeeland Airports.

We work closely with other emergency services to provide search and rescue support to people living and working on the North Sea, inland waters and other locations in the Netherlands.

Our bases

Our bases

We operate from two SAR bases at Den Helder and Midden Zeeland Airports. These bases are constructed and located to ensure crews can respond rapidly and safely to emergency situations while keeping their aircraft and equipment serviced to the highest standards of safety and quality.

We work in close collaboration with other emergency services.

The SAR crews are tasked to emergencies by the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Den Helder. They are also trained and prepared to support the coastguard with other duties, such as dealing with the aftermath of disasters, incidents, and transportation of the Maritime Incident Response Group (MIRG).

Our people

Our people

Bristow Helicopters has pioneered world-class search and rescue services around the world for more than half a century. We have brought emergency aid to thousands of people and supported governments and industry across the globe, supporting more than 31,000 missions and logging more than 85,000 flight hours.

In the Netherlands Bristow employs engineers, pilots, technical crew and ground staff, all experts in delivering complex and demanding search and rescue services.

The on-board crew for each search and rescue helicopter is two Pilots, one Winch Operator, one Winchman and one SAR Nurse. Engineering support is always available on base.

Safety is at the heart of all our operations and we are proud to bring our industry-leading safety programme, Target Zero (link), to the Netherlands.  Our safety culture underpins every flight we take and every decision we make.

Our aircraft

Our aircraft

Bristow operates two AW189 aircraft plus one back-up on behalf of the Netherlands Coastguard.

Each helicopter is engineered to offer cutting edge performance in all weathers, day and night.  Pilots can rely on advanced avionics and autopilot controls while they work alongside the technical crew to operate the specialist on-board Search and Rescue equipment, including  stabilised FLIR cameras, searchlights, and Hoist.

The rear of each aircraft is custom designed with bespoke medical stations, providing a spacious ergonomic environment for SAR nurses to start the medical treatment.

Bristow is also introducing new industry-leading technologies such as mission management and data-link systems, enhancing the interoperability of the service with all Netherlands SAR stakeholders, all designed to bring aid to where is it urgently needed, fast.

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