Heavy Twins • Leonardo AW189

Leonardo AW189

The state-of-the-art 8 ton class Leonardo AW189 is designed for All Weather Day and Night, VFR/IFR certified, and operates seamlessly in the harsh conditions prevalent in offshore operations. The spacious cabin is configured with 16 passenger seats. Next Generation avionics expands further operational capabilities, contributing to safety by enhancing situational awareness and reducing crew workload. Exceeding the most recent FAA and EASA Part 29 safety requirements and the stringent safety needs of the Oil and Gas industry, the AW189 is the helicopter of choice for demanding operations.

Helicopter Facts

  • Cruise Airspeed (kts) (km/hr):

    144 kts // 267 km/hr

  • Basic Operating Weight (lb) (kg):

    12,400 lb // 5,625 kg

  • Max Gross Weight (lb) (kg):

    18,958 lb // 8,599 kg

  • Available Payload (no fuel):

    6,558 lb // 2,975 kg

  • Max Fuel (Gal) (Liters):

    536 gal // 2,029 liter

  • Max Fuel(lb) (kg):

    3,646 lb // 1,654 kg

  • Endurance Hours (30 min reserve):


  • Range Nautical Miles/Kilometers (30 min reserve):

    443 miles // 802 kilometers

  • Number of Passenger Seats:


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