Light Twins • Leonardo A109e Power

Leonardo A109e Power

The Leonardo A109E Power is a twin-engine, high-speed, high-productivity helicopter well-suited for the demanding offshore mission. Configured for 7 passengers, the A109E Power is the fastest helicopter in its class and is single-pilot IFR certified. The A109E Power’s reliability is assured by a fully separated fuel system supplying its twin engines, plus a dual hydraulic boost system, dual electrical system and redundant lubrication and cooling systems for the main transmission and engines. An air oil absorber for each wheeled type landing gear leg increases the crashworthiness and shipdeck operational capabilities.

Helicopter Facts

  • Cruise Airspeed (kts) (km/hr):

    136 kts // 252 km/hr

  • Basic Operating Weight (lb) (kg):

    4,817 lb // 2,185 kg

  • Max Gross Weight (lb) (kg):

    6,614 lb / 2902 kg

  • Available Payload (no fuel):

    1,797 lb // 815 kg

  • Max Fuel (Gal) (Liters):

    224 gal // 848 liters

  • Max Fuel(lb) (kg):

    1,523 lb // 691 kg

  • Endurance Hours (30 min reserve):


  • Range Nautical Miles/Kilometers (30 min reserve):

    355 miles // 657 kilometers

  • Number of Passenger Seats:


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