Single Engine • Airbus AS350 B2 (A-Star)

Airbus AS350 B2 (A-Star)

The Airbus AS350 B2 (A-Star) is a helicopter in the proven A-Star line configured for five passengers. The A-Star combines safety and comfort with speed and performance. Its composite technology and modern design provide outstanding capability with lower operating costs. 

The maneuverability of the AS350B2 (A-Star), together with superior visibility with all seats facing forward and low vibration level, mean your mission will be as comfortable as it is productive. The cost effective, popular A-Star is powered with a Turbomeca Arriel 1D1 engine and is a true multi-mission workhorse known for outstanding performance. With high performance, ease of flight, and sling capacity of more than 2,555 lb / 1,159 kg, the A-Star is the most user-friendly helicopter in its class.

Helicopter Facts

  • Cruise Airspeed (kts) (km/hr):

    116 kts // 215 km/hr

  • Basic Operating Weight (lb) (kg):

    3,453 lb // 1,566 kg

  • Max Gross Weight (lb) (kg):

    4,961 lb // 2,250 kg

  • Available Payload (no fuel):

    1,508 lb // 684 kg

  • Max Fuel (Gal) (Liters):

    142 gal // 538 liters

  • Max Fuel(lb) (kg):

    966 lb // 438 kg

  • Endurance Hours (30 min reserve):


  • Range Nautical Miles/Kilometers (30 min reserve):

    285 miles // 528 km

  • Number of Passenger Seats:


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