Bristow S-92A Modifications

Installation of IFE Equipment

This modification installs an IFE system which consists of an MP3 player, IR control unit, IR transmitters (L/H and R/H), audio mixer and cordless headsets.

The control unit receives audio signals from the aircrafts P.A. intercom system, mp3 player and then transmits these to the passenger headsets, via 13 off transmitters suitably mounted in the PSU panel speaker grills.

Signals are transmitted in the infrared spectrum, a proven medium in the absence of direct sunlight and strong artificial light sources.

The control unit receives and processes audio inputs which can be selected externally as required. The infrared two-channel modulator mainly carries out the processing.

The MP3 player is a self-contained device which stores and replays pre-recorded audio tracks. The audio tracks are encoded in “Motion Picture Group (MPEG) level 3” format. Audio files are stored in a compact flash memory card which is prepared and installed by the user. Audio tracks are selected via a single rotary pushbutton on the front panel of the player.

The system operates independently of the aircraft installed P.A. amplifier. If the P.A. amplifier fails, the P.A. announcements would still be audible in the headsets.

IFE system

IFE system

IFE system