Skyconnect Satcom System

Installation of Skyconnect Satcom System

Certified for AS332L/L2, Bell412, EC-155B1, EC-225, S-76 series and S-92A aircraft.

A flight tracking system to meet contractual and operational requirements incorporating EMS Skyconnect LRU’s.

The Bristow modification provides for the installation of a Skyconnect Iridium Satellite Communications System with a flight following function.

The installation consists of the following:

  • Skyconnect Transceiver, Data Converter & Power Relay
  • Satcom Switch Panel for system power & tracker mode
  • Skyconnect Mission Management Unit Dialer
  • Aero Antenna Technology Iridium Satellite Antenna
  • Circuit Breakers
  • System wiring to interconnect the Satcom system and interface it with existing systems

The system provides two basic functions:

  1. Voice Telephone Communication: Voice telephone communication to ground stations via the Iridium satellite network is provided using the remote telephone adapter / display unit interfaced with the aircraft’s audio integrating system and crew headsets.
  2. Tracker (Position Reporting): Aircraft parameters including identity, type, position, ground speed, altitude and flight / ground status are automatically reported via the Iridium satellite network to ground stations at pre-assigned time intervals. A pilot operated, guarded switch allows the reporting rate to be increased if required.

Skyconnect Satcom System