Traffic Collision and Avoidance System - TCAS II

Bristow in partnership with Rockwell Collins has developed an innovative solution that successfully resolves the problems of operating TCAS II on helicopters.

Having long been standard on fixed wing aircraft, Bristow is proud to introduce the same level of enhanced safety to rotary wing platforms.

“Advancing aviation safety and achieving aviation history,” Royal Dutch Shell

Calling on our vast experience and technical expertise Bristow is operating the first helicopters in the world equipped with TCAS II.

We offer an EASA certified TCAS II installation on AS332L series, EC225, S-92A and S-76 aircraft.

TCAS II Concept

TCAS is an on-board radar surveillance system that provides separation assurance throughout a predefined column of airspace.

The TCAS II systems works by interrogating the ATC and Mode ‘S’ transponders of other nearby aircraft, to determine and display their altitudes, ranges and relative position.

If necessary, they compute and display a recommended vertical avoidance maneuver to ensure safe separation.

TCAS II Provides:

  • Traffic display for situational awareness
  • Traffic Advisories (TA)
  • Resolution Advisories (RA)
  • Aural warnings associated with TAs and RAs
  • RA Display
  • Reliable Surveillance to 14 nm
  • Head-on closing speed up to 1,200 knots
  • Reliable with traffic densities up to 24 transponder aircraft within 5nm of the user
  • Other traffic position updated at 1 Hz